IT Management Consultant & Technical Manager (2005-2006).
A.P.D. – Andishe Pardaz Douran.

IT Management Consultant & Technical Manager.
Jan 2005 – Dec 2006.
St. Khoramshahr, Tehran Province, Iran.

Technical Manager.
IT Management Consultant. .


IT Consultant
IT Manager
Network Design & Analyze
Network Administrator
System Maintenances
Hardware & Software
Intel/Asus/HP Servers
Assembling and Configuring Servers
Raid Controllers Install & Config (Internal / External)

The Projects Include:

Assembly of Servers
A lot of Servers at all
More than 4 Server in a day
More than 4000 Servers at all
Firmware Updating
Raid Build/Rebuild 0/1/5/50/10

Active Parts :

Windows Server 2000 /2003
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 R2
Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Terminal Service
Rebuild Various Raid
Build Various Riad

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